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Accessibility Statement

Our mission is to open, inform, and connect the global fashion community, making it essential for us to ensure that our content and products are accessible to as many people as possible.

Accessible Content and Features

We are dedicated to providing accessible content and features in alignment with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the internationally recognized standard for web accessibility. Our efforts include:

  1. Responsive Design: Our website features a responsive design, which adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring that our content is easily viewable on various devices.
  2. Clear Navigation: We employ clear and consistent navigation and headers, enhancing user-friendliness and aiding users in finding the information they need. This approach is particularly helpful for individuals using screen readers.
  3. Color Contrast and Font Size: We use high color contrast and a readable default font size (16px) to facilitate easy reading and usage for individuals with low vision.
  4. Consistent Design Patterns: We maintain consistent design patterns to clearly identify buttons and links on our pages.
  5. Regular Accessibility Testing: Our website undergoes regular accessibility testing, and we take action to improve accessibility whenever necessary.

Furthermore, our organization offers guidance to enhance the accessibility of users’ computers. We aim to empower individuals to make the most of the internet, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We provide assistance for tasks such as screen visibility, keyboard and mouse usage, audio perception, and reading and spelling.

In the case of content provided in PDF format, most PDF viewers come equipped with useful built-in accessibility features.

Non-Accessible Content and Features

While we acknowledge the importance of adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we are aware that not all areas, features, or content on our website are fully accessible. Specifically, our multimedia content does not currently comply with accessibility guidelines. This includes:

  1. Web-Based Audio: We do not provide text transcripts for our non-live, web-based audio content.
  2. Web-Based Video: Similarly, we do not offer text transcripts or audio-only alternatives for our non-live, web-based video content.
  3. Sign Language Videos: We do not provide sign language videos for media content that includes video elements.
  4. Contrast Ratios: Our visual presentation of text or images of text does not adhere to a contrast ratio of at least 7.1.
  5. User Customization: We do not provide users with a mechanism to select background and foreground colors or change text size, although users may have the option to override this using additional tools.
  6. Glossaries or Definitions: We do not offer glossaries or definitions for industry-specific terminology, abbreviations, or pronunciations.
  7. Image Captions: Not all images are accompanied by alternative captions to describe their content.

In most cases, we have evaluated the cost of addressing these issues and have determined that addressing them at this time would constitute a disproportionate burden as per accessibility regulations.

Additionally, we make use of third-party platforms to deliver some of our services, and we strive to utilize any accessibility features provided by these platforms. Specifically, Mark Revels Careers is hosted on a third-party platform and may be limited by the accessibility features available on that platform.

Your Feedback

We value feedback from our community regarding accessibility. If you have suggestions or comments on how we can enhance the accessibility of our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your input is invaluable as we work towards improving accessibility and making our content and products more inclusive.